Sweden’s #1 Program For Young People Go To China!

Study, Work, and Live in China! and get paid to do it!   2HappyBirds – Gratis Språkresor, Au pair, Engelsklärare i Kina! Få betalt!

Now available in all Nordic countries! Just apply online.

Apply to our program Now!  Or wait and see others enjoy the trip in China.

What is the HappyBird Program?

    • You can choose to stay minimum 2 months and maximum 12 months in China, pick a  city like Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen…

    • You work as an English Coach to children in a host family, speak English and do activities like: playing music, baking, drawing, painting, outdoor sports, cycling, walking in the park, etc. Similar to Au pair but No house work, Not nanny!

    • In exchange, you get free accommodation, meals, monthly cash allowance, paid vacation, and round trip flights (Depends on the length of your trip, see terms under program bonus).

    • You can take Chinese language courses as a free option, paid by the host family. (Better than Språkresor)

    • Fun events arranged by us every month, you will meet many new friends.

    • A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Chinese culture, language and society, and to see China from a new perspective.

    • At least, you are about to gain fantastic benefits, feel the world, get work experiences abroad, speak a new language, stronger personal profile, more networking and  job opportunities. Brand New Future!

2HappyBirds – Gratis Språkresor, Au pair, Engelsklärare i Kina! Få betalt! http://www.2happybirds.com/


We Pay For Your Trip. Oh! Are We Crazy?

No, this is a win-win situation between you and the host family.

Nowadays in China, many good, financially well off families are providing advanced education to their children, they are willing to pay for a English Coach or Au Pair from Europe or USA, to be a brother or sister for their children and to coach them in English and sports or music…

Who can apply? You!

You should be between the ages of 17 and 29, speak fluent English, love children and be willing to spend quality time with them.

You can apply! Right!

You should be healthy and have a clean criminal record from Sweden or any Nordic countries.

You should apply! Yes!

Be passionate about working with children and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, open-minded, motivated, positive and willing to experience a new culture and language.


General benefits for you. Just you! as a HappyBird

Språkresa till Kina

    • Explore China! 5000 years of history!

    • Gain maturity and confidence in yourself through living abroad.

    • Enjoy Chinese food! and learn Chinese Gongfu?

    • More friends! A network of people that will help and inspire you.

    • International experience! More job opportunities!

    • Learn Chinese language with Language trip to China

    • 2HappyBirds – Gratis Språkresor, Au pair, Engelsklärare i Kina!

    • Share Swedish culture and food!

What more will you receive from 2HappyBirds Program?

Nearly everything that you need is included in our package, we make it very easy for you:

  • Språkresor och Au pair Kina

You will have a carefully selected good family. Your own room and meals are provided. The house rent in large cities is normally from 2500 CNY/SEK per month, and now you got it for free! You should consider this as a big added value within the program. We will choose a perfect family for each participant. Host family will have at least one person who knows how to speak English. They normally work at a senior position in global company, or own their own business, and will provide you with a comfortable living environment. At the same time, we select the best candidate for each family, ensure you are going to get along well, so that both parties can enjoy life. Gratis Språkresor, Au pair, Engelsklärare i Kina.

If you like, you can take a Chinese language class which paid by the host family, minimum 6 hours (8 lessons) per week (if you apply for 12 months, we can offer you to study in University, together with official international students). Depending on your Chinese level, you will always get the right class that fits you. Learning Chinese from 1-2-3, and you don’t even have to pay for the textbooks! We are different from STS or EF, their courses cost could between 40,000-80,000 SEK, our course is smaller, but we don’t charge you anything. Tip: The knowledge you received from classes is limited, the most important thing is that you stay in China, and practice the language there, with your host family. Chinese language certification will be issued, this is a great stepping stone for your career or further study. Gratis Språkresor, Au pair, Engelsklärare i Kina.

You are receiving minimum 1000 CNY in cash per month. Approx. 1 CNY (Yuan) = 1.3 SEK (Krona). Maybe this is very small compare to Nordic countries, but you should know about the salaries in China, and remember, your accommodation and food are both covered. (Our program is different from professional English teacher in Chinese school, they have salary, but also require university graduates, TOEFL score, and mostly English native speakers.)

Average Monthly Disposable Salary (After Tax) in Beijing is from 3000 CNY – 6000 CNY. (Last update: October, 2013) And people will have to pay for their living and rents. So your monthly cash allowance will be more than sufficient to buy personal things for yourself! Here are some price examples, the buying power of the Yuan in China:

  • Bus or Subway: 0,4 – 2 CNY/SEK
  • Mineral water: 1 CNY/SEK
  • Beer: 2.5 CNY/SEK
  • Snacks: 1 – 10 CNY/SEK
  • Big Mac Menu: 17 CNY/SEK
  • A bowl of noodle or dumplings: 7 CNY/SEK
  • Cloth from a market: from 10-60 CNY/SEK
  • Shoes: 10-120 CNY/SEK
  • Tomato (1kg) 7 CNY/SEK
  • Taxi starts from: 12 CNY/SEK
  • 1 month of gym in business district: 360 CNY/SEK
  • A pair of glasses: 80-125 CNY/SEK

You will receive a bonus from the host family, with the condition that you complete the program well. Don’t worry, all people can easily get their bonus, this is part of your benefits. Bonus amount differs on the length of your program, the idea is to cover your flight tickets, so as a result, your flight ticket is free, or at least partly paid for! Recommendation is to stay more than 6 months, so that both you and the host family can win more, that’s truth. :)

  • 2 months: 1500 (CNY/SEK)
  • 3 months: 2500 (CNY/SEK)
  • 6 months: 5000 (CNY/SEK)
  • 12 months: 8000 (CNY/SEK)

The host family will evaluate your performance from time to time during the program, and some families can pay by quarter or in advance.

Work 30 hrs per week. Free on most of the weekends, public holidays, also get 3 days extra vacation per 3-months (discuss with host family at least 1 week in advance). But still, different family has different wishes, we will sign a contract with the working hours clearly stated. Travel with host family: When the host family go for travel, of course they would like to bring you with them, because you are a good friend or good sister to their children, and you can teach them a lot during the journey, the relationship will just be better.

Chinese local Personal Accident Insurance will be done within 2 weeks after arrival in China, and this is paid by our HappyBirds Program. You are also welcome to buy additional international insurance from Sweden or Europe.

And many more benefits:

Pick up from airport: Remember to send us your flight details, so you will receive our warm welcome in the airport, by host family or our staff. You will also receive a Welcome Pack from us, for example maps, address card, telephone sim card, public traffic tickets. We will guide you though all social documents.

First training in China: In your first week in China, we will make your life easier by providing a orientation course and  training. You will meet lots of other young people from all over the world.

Monthly group event: Once a month, we will organize all HappyBird coaches from the world for a gathering. Could be a short trip to city nearby,  the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Grand Museum or some kind of gathering events.

24H Support: 24 hours emergency services; Legal local police registration support; Visa extension and assistance; Intensive Introduction before arrival. Full backup and support. If you need to re-match with another host family in China during your stay, we can easily cover 5 nights free accommodation for you during this gap.

Over 300 sponsor, Let’s see what some have to say?

We love our HappyBirds, and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. When you join us, you won’t ever have to worry about our professional support!

Confidence, self assurance and experience is something that HappyBirds take home from their year in China. Their positive experiences have stayed with them long after the Programme has finished. They have achieved this by living in another culture and confronting new challenges every day. HappyBirds interact daily with their host families and as a result great improving their communication skills. Spending the year making decisions independently, traveling to new places, meeting new people and making new friends all contribute to personal growth.
Johan, KTH

2HappyBirds – Gratis Språkresor, Au pair, Engelsklärare i Kina. A huge benefit to having work experience in a foreign country is that it helps you stand out from the crowd, especially in an increasingly competitive market. Employers value job applicants with international study experience and fluency in English, more lanuague skills will be a big plus. Along with invaluable life skills, increased confidence and many new friends you will be better equipped to work in our multi-cultural world.
Sofia, Engelska Skolan

As a HappyBird in China you will be able to immerse yourself in the culture of a country that is rich in over 5,000 years of history and experience new things on a daily basis. HappyBirds Program is centered on Cultural exchange and your host family wants you to become a member of their family, you’ll have a built in opportunity to learn about Chinese culture. You’ll also meet other young people from around the world who share your experience and sense of adventure. The HappyBirds Program is full of opportunities to learn about different cultures.
Anna, Nacka Gymnasiet


Responsibilities in exchange for your benefits…

The host family will depends on you to take the responsibility to educate children and add value, all of you will rely on each other to make this a truly happy inter-cultural experience. What can you expect from being an HappyBirds? Make no mistake – being an HappyBird is not easy! You need to be prepared to take on certain daily household tasks, involving on average 5-6 hours each day, 5-6 days a week. You will also need to take responsibility for the family’s children when required, a job which can be challenging at the beginning as the children learn to adapt to someone new.

You will work up to 30 hours per week, with responsibilities ranging from playing with children, taking them to and from school and preparing snacks for them. The main purpose of the position is to develop the English language skills, of those you are coaching, through tutoring and conversation. You will be a role model for the children in your care and they will look up to you for guidance and support.

Families looking to hire an HappyBird want to expose their children to the English language as well as broaden their cultural education. The number one requirement of an HappyBird is have a big love for children. Return HappyBirds will tell you that the best part of the program is the relationship they build with their host children. You may be the one who gets a hug first thing in the morning, sees a child reaching a major milestone such as taking their first steps or be the one who gets the biggest laugh of the day. These moments are special and help to make your year both memorable and rewarding. The bridge of communication you build with your child is also very rewarding. As time goes by, you will see how he/she progresses in her English. You will also have a little helper to help you with your Chinese.

Because the whole program is paid by the host family, you should bring some value add to this family. You will need to show the host family that you are committed to their well-being so that they feel safe and happy in your care. Make sure that you have quality time with the children everyday by allocating a time when you can give them your full attention. During this time do a fun activity with them that they really enjoy (like bake a cake, draw, paint, create something, play outdoors, cycling, go to the park etc.) As you do something fun together everyday they will quickly begin to enjoy your company and you will naturally develop a close and lasting friendship with them. Never make personal phone calls or email your friends when you are alone with the children: this sends out the message to the children that you are not interested in them and they are likely to behave badly as a result!

In the host family, you are one of the family member. You should share some light house work, but requirements are different between families. You are NOT obliged to do all housework, but at least responsible for your own room clean and tidy, as well as make sure all shared facilities, especially the kitchen and bathroom are clean after being used. If possible, you should do some more basic stuff like make beds for children and tutoring for the kids. Some times the family have a nanny for all the house work.

Prepare something typical from your country, for example something that you can show and tell about Sweden, Nordic countries, the school system, European history, Salmon, Ski, reindeer, Christmas, and etc. Also prepare some educational toys, for example chess, some game materials, story books as coaching materials.

  • Engelskalärare Kina 1

There are some cost you should consider: 

Some costs related to yourself below, but you’ll receive pocket money and bonus through out the program, so when you add them all up, the cost of this international experience is far lower than first glance, that’s why we say this program is for “free”, or “Gratis Språkresor, Au pair, Engelsklärare i Kina”.

Buy your own flight ticket first, and you will receive your bonus to cover it or part of it. Normally fly with AirChina, SAS, or Finnair, the price could differ between 3500 SEK – 6700 SEK for return tickets, depends on when you book the flight. If you short of money right now, you can apply the flight ticket from us, means we pay for it first and then deduct from your monthly allowance or bonus.

You need to get a health certificate from Sweden or one of the Nordic countries. Sometime, this certificate could cost some money, you should pay for it yourself.

We will help you step by step for the Chinese Entry Visa application process, but you are responsible for all cost related to this. The application fee at the Chinese entry-visa is around 600kr.

  • 2HappyBirds – Gratis Språkresor, Au pair, Engelsklärare i Kina! Få betalt! http://www.2happybirds.com/


Some of them are our partners, and some of them supporting us with their trust or positive feedback.


High schools:


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